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Back to our basic desktop.

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In the last weeks I been spending more than a fair bit of time working on what I consider the basic desktop, you know what we usually know as KDE that will be reincarnated soon in 4.10...

The focus so far as been mostly in decluttering most of the visual junk that had no  functionality, In a way making our KDE more simple without making it more "dumb".

So far I'm happy with a new wallpaper still a W.I.P. (I for some reason hallways need to start with a new wallpaper canvas.)

Me and Marco Martin moved into clean air a "bit" and I'm really happy with the progress so far.

We are also trying to improve some fundamental aspect of oxygen windeco in correlation with how apps can use it, for example letting apps use some features of  oxygen automaticly.
The test app for this as been decided to be Gwenview. And if all goes well we get this on kde 4.10.....

Sooooo, I start to look at the app this week end and I notice that the Background is a solid dull colour, and I thought.....hummm... "a texture would be much nicer" sooo I get to do one..... Problem (there is always one right?) textures need to be tested....So I had to make a little demo QML app to test a texture.... The result (texture not the QML) is what you can see above, plus a black opacity mask on top so that one can make it more or less dark depending on what you like best...

But once I created the little demo I could not resit and expand it into including possible replacement for the thumbnail view in Gwenview. (don't like it much)
The result can be seen in the video down here ;)...


I'm not sure Aurélien Gâteau will be interested in using any of this (I'm sure my code is way to messy to be used in any way and he probably as a much more efficient code under the current gwenview) , hopefully the noise texture will be ok to be used and that was the point. But its fun what one can do in QML over a few hours of trial and error code/design.

Any way and more importantly 4.10 is looking like our best KDE Desktop ever ;)

More in the coming weeks....


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nowardev said...

here it's was my job ,and on 1280 x800 i get a nice wallpaper

but insome screen i am sure it's a mess


Unknown said...

Wow! Gwenview looks fantastic with the texture backgrounds!
How much would these subtle texture backgrounds slow the applications down?
Could it be integrated into the whole desktop?

Unknown said...

KUDOS Nuno :)

It looks gorgeous!

Unknown said...

I'm all in favor of the textured background, but not so much the added shadow around the picture.

Especially if the image itself already has a shadow or border, or contains (semi-)transparent parts near the edge, it will probably look weird and make it difficult to see where the image ends and the viewer UI begins.

Unless of course you want to to narrow Gwenview's scope to become a pure photo viewer (rather than a generic digital image viewer), in which case those problems don't apply...

Mattho said...

I don't think wallpaper/texture backgrounds are a good thing. Look what Microsoft did in Windows 8. Just solid colors, it doesn't distract you. Photos application is one to take inspiration from.

Pinheiro said...

"Look what Microsoft did in Windows 8" I did and looked the other way, personally don't like it one bit...

does your clothing distract you? all real things in your world are textures, a solid colour never exists do you get distracted by reality???

Before everybody gets too excited, As Gwenview maintainer I would like to point out that it looks beautiful and I would like Gwenview to looks like this, but:

- This is just a mockup

- I was not aware of this work before this blog post came out

- I have no plan to get this done for 4.10

Ivan Čukić said...

Nice. Though, I find Marco's idea of putting the content in the top layer, and sides /below/ quite interesting.

Thomas Gahr said...

I must admit: I immediately stole the texture image from that page and set it as my desktop background - I really like it :)

I also like the idea of putting the thumbnails on the side and not the bottom on gwenview, given the fact that screens tend to get wider I think it's more optimal screen estate wise.

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yogesh kumawat said...

But once I created the little demo I could not resit and expand it into including possible replacement for the thumbnail view in Gwenview. (don't like it much)
The result can be seen in the video down here ;)... this website

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