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Time for a pause

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Call pause icon.... I'm biased in relation to this set as I think its overly detailed with to many features... there are many many missing, but its a WIP.

The idea here is mostly to try to use context, so this icons will only work if they are some how grouped or shown in a given context in this case a telephonic context. (so in the call-pause icon I dispense the use of the phone speaker visual element and trust the context.)
Its a good example of some of the problems we end up with with generic icons sets were we need to repeat visual elements as we don't have control over the context, this end up creating overly cluttered with information icons, and worse they look stupid as they repeat the same information over and over again.

Problems with looking stupid is that in a way we are calling our users stupid repeating the same message over and over again.

This type of analysis is something I have been doing a lot lately, I believe that the way we tell the story of our app is fundamental to establish a relation with the user. In a way I think we should think our UI's as a conversation with a user, were first we present yourself, what we do  and how good we are at it. And them move on in to inviting for interaction, and providing pleasant experiences for series of actions.

So and for this case wen looking at row of icons I try to see the overall message and how it will be interpreted by the user...



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lnxusr said...

It's actually called muting. You can't "pause" a phone call, video or otherwise, like you can a video/audio recording, you can only mute it so you can't hear the other person and they can't here you. Live on both ends is still going forward in time.

Come to think of it though, I don't recall seeing a mute button on my cell - either my current or past Android smart phones nor my old clamshell dumb phones of yesteryear. I usually just move the phone away from my face and cover up where the microphone is.

Warlock Rf said...

Hi Nuno.
1st of all thank you for your work. KDE looks ans feels awesome.

Pause button: it looks blurry as if it were upscaled from low-res image. The problem is with the borders of two white vertical sticks - they are too soft.

Also there is a problem with the light direction on this icon (overexposed bottom part, upper part, but at the same time shadow up-down in the upper inner part of the sticks and the very top edge of the icon).

priomsrb said...

I also think it looks a bit blurry. Also the shadow at the bottom of the small icons looks a bit strange.

Fri13 said...

My opinion is that the light gradient in green one doesn't fit well, it looks too different from red one.

And shadow is a bit strange and doesn't look like it is Oxygen shadow.

What comes to pause/mute, there have been in Android a pause icon (top left corner) on some carriers Android versions but the Android itself (2.1/2.2) had it under others http://www.linuxjournal.com/files/linuxjournal.com/linuxjournal/articles/107/10714/10714f1.resized.jpg

There are three ways to make muting possibility visible for user.

1. Button with "Mute" text
2. Microphone icon with red crossing line
3. Pause icon

The microphone is a good choice, because you don't need to translate it and microphone is easy to understand, but it feels as well that it just close the mic but allows you to hear things.
A pause icon is best for muting speaker and mic, but it doesn't "fit" to idea.

I would vote for microphone icon with red crossing line.

Pinheiro said...

And this is what you get wen you render a 48x48 icon in 256x256 :)
Yes its does look bury its made for 48x48, so stuf in the size that looks In in 256x256 looks completely overdone, plus the pixels alignments are gone and that makes it more bur. wen i mde this post I originally only used the 48x48 abut then made a new rendering of the pause or mute icon to bring focus to it.

Elv13 said...

Thanks for this one!

Adding it to SFLPhone KDE later tomorrow. I also think "pause" is not the right word, as said by an earlier poster. Mute or hold is more appropriate in a phone context.

Also, is using the same green as the other one a good idea? I am not sure what is best, but maybe desaturating it a little or moving to a color between green and red?

Overall, it look -much- better than the one I prototyped :P

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